The Nomad 9: Who would we least like to face in a head-to-head fish off?

SEATTLE – The latest World Rankings are out, and it’s no stretch that Jacob Wheeler is the new No. 1. He rankles a fair number of his competitors with his scouting/practice habits, but when it’s “go time”, Wheeler flat gets the job done.

Which started me to thinking: Angler of Year rankings and mathematical formulas aside, which current Elite Series/FLW Tour pros would I LEAST like to face off against in a one-day, one-on-one fish off?

No scales, no observers, just a good old-fashioned heads-up bet where you shake hands at the end of the day, and the loser has to wear an “I Heart Miley Cyrus” t-shirt all day.

Here are the Nomad 9: the guys who we will never, ever (and I mean EVER!) take a sucker’s bet against.
-Joel Shangle