Bracket busting! Who will win on the Niagara River?

BUFFALO, New York – First, a confession: you say the word “bracket” and I automatically regress 20 years into Joel the Former Sportswriter. I start thinking about matchups and scenarios and things that would determine the outcome of an NCAA basketball game.

Maybe not such a bad thing when picking a winner of this week’s Bassmaster Classic Bracket on the Niagara River. While handicapping a bass-fishing competition might seem a far cry from choosing the winner of Duke vs. North Carolina,some similar principles apply. It’s still head-to-head competition, and there are certain competitive trends that transcend sports.

And so, without further ado, let’s take a look at the eight bracket busters who will be facing off this week on the Niagara River. Read closely: our intrepid Classic Bracket choice will be explained tomorrow.
-Joel Shangle